Fun. Curious. Vulnerable.

Podcast interviews don't need to be perfect. They need to be real, real honest, and real fun. I'm the host who can make it happen.

Brendan Howard


I’ve been interviewing people for 23 years (and podcasting for five) in medicine, security, business, finance, leadership, psychology, philosophy, academia, art, and on and on. I give interviewees room to breathe and explain, and fight (gently) for the audience’s questions and short attention spans. 

Podcasts I'm Working on

One is a hobby. Two are for time-strapped, smart, dedicated audiences. What do YOU need?

Client Testimonials

“Brendan asks great questions, challenges nonsense and seeks clarity. He's also got a great voice for podcasts. Kind, attentive, intelligent, articulate—I could go on, but he would (rightly) bust my chops for doing so.”
Dr. Dave Nicol, VetX International
“Brendan brings a sense of optimism, curiosity, and enthusiasm, asking smart and often unexpected questions that get to the heart of topics that could otherwise be dry, insular, or challenging to understand.”
Claire Meyer, Security Management magazine
“Brendan makes genuine connections with people he interviews, asks the unexpected question, and is genuinely curious, willing to take the time to truly understand instead of accepting the first answer. ”
Portia Stewart, Mindfull Creatives

Let's have fun...

…and dream up a new podcast or a new host for an existing podcast on the topics that excite your audience.